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We are BestSelf Co, human performance junkies who translate the success, strategies, and habits of high performance into meaningful yet simple tools that will guide you to become your Best Self.

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SELF Journal - Goal Setting Planner | BestSelf Co.

SELF Journal

$31.99 USD

A powerful yet simple daily planner to help you optimize your day, tackle your goals, and be happier.  


SELF Journal

Letterpress Manifesto

$39.99 USD

The Manifesto is a set of beliefs we began our journey with and follow everyday to ensure we're pushing forward. 

13-Week Wall Roadmap - Goal Tracker

Wall RoadMap

$8.99 USD

The dry-erase 13-week wall calendar let's you focus on creating habits that stick and visually tracking your progress to your end goal.

SELF Shield - SELF Journal Cover Woman Holding

SELF Shield

$69.99 USD

The cover that does it's job and looks good doing it. The SELF Shield is the custom leather cover that adds a touch of sophistication to your goals....

Sidekick - Pocket Notebook


$12.99 USD

Your everyday carry for ideas. A three-pack dot grid notebook series.



$9.99 USD

This powerful combination of a bookmark and notebook makes SmartMarks the smarter way to read.

Breathe Band - Bracelet | BestSelf Co.

Breathe Band

$23.99 USD

The BREATHE Band was created to anchor you through the stress of everyday life. Crafted from natural vegetable-tanned leather and starts out as a light tan color,...

SELF Scholar

SELF Scholar

$29.99 USD

The Essential Academic Tool That Empowers You To Achieve More

Sidekick Shield - Notebook Cover

Sidekick Shield

$35.99 USD

A cover for your Sidekick notebook that will travel in your back pocket and become the defender of your pocketful of ideas and safeguard your moments of...

2018 Wall Calendar

2018 Wall Calendar

$24.99 USD

If you’re committed to make 2018 exceptional, time is your most valuable resource. Don’t squander a day.

Weekly Action Pad

Weekly Action Pad

$19.99 USD

If you want to crush a big goal, effective planning is key. It’s why we created the Weekly Action Plan - so you can wave goodbye to...

4-Pack Seasonal Limited Edition Journals


“I am always on the lookout for new resources to share with my fellow entrepreneurs. The SELF Journal was a no brainer! Writing down my goals has been one of my daily rituals for years and is something that I truly believe in. Write it down, visualize it, make it happen! The SELF Journal has only made this easier and more productive. It is a must for every aspiring entrepreneur!”


Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

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